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We’re excited to give you the opportunity to build your resilience in all aspects of life - 1 change at a time. Click on the video to learn more.


How it works

Resilience test

Complete the Resilience Test

Answer 48 questions to measure your existing Resilience within your Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit.

Resilience test

Choose a Journey

Based on your resilience test results, we’ll recommend you to embark on those 3 journeys, where you have the greatest potential to grow. Choose 1 to start with.

Resilience test

Build new Habits

Every journey includes several activities that will support and challenge you to further build your resilience.

About 1 Change

The 1 Change mission is heartfelt and pure! We magnify holistic leadership and humanize work to shape healthier and more sustainable organizations.

With the new 1 change app and our in-person resilience programs, we empower individuals, teams and organizations to build resilience in all aspects of their lives - 1 change at a time. We call it technology with a human touch.

We love what we do, and in more than a decade of working with +40 global organizations, we’ve established humanized high performance cultures amongst a large number of executives, leaders, and employees.

Want to learn more - go to www.1change.co